5 ways to grow 100% genuine followers or fans in any field or platform.

Hi! I hope everyone’s doing great. Today I am going to share some secret and genuine tips to grow followers or you can say fans in any platform or and mostly in real life. I know in present everyone(including me) wants to be noticed and admired by others, and it is not a easy task. Until and unless you have cracked the Civil services exam or you are born in a celebrity family or achieved milestones. What if I tell you five ways to build a great fanbase very easily and trust me it is 100% genuine.

So before telling you the secret, you just need to promise me that you will follow everything I tell you and keep it a secret. So increasing followers is as simple as making an omelette. The secret is Become a Leader to increase followers. Yes, becoming a leader or developing a leadership mindset is all you need to increase followers. If you find it lame and planning to leave this blog, let me tell you it will definitely work, not only in your Instagram or any other social media but also in real life. And followers in real life is more satisfying than the followers in the virtual world. You just need to follow the principles given :

1. Exchange minds with the people you want to influence. It’s easy to get others to do what you want them to do if you’ll see things through their eyes. It means keep yourself in the place of the person you want to influence and think through his mindset, how will your act affect the follower.

2. Give priority to the person whom you want to influence. In everything you do show that you put the other people first. Just give them the kind of treatment you would like to receive from them.

3. Your physical appearance also plays an important role in influencing people. Look more confident, not overconfident as it will make you look more like an idiot. Be a active participant in every event. Bonus tip: Talk slightly loud when you’re lethargic, it will make you look active.

4. Keep patience. Start thinking that you have moved a little forward from where you have started .Think improvement in everything you do. The basic idea is to be positive and people get very much attracted towards positive elements.

5. Don’t run after followers. As it won’t make you a Leader, instead it will make you a follower to that person. For example- If you want a person to do something or some task, just request him once or twice, then also if he doesn’t perform that work, Just do it yourself.

Bonus point: In some situations if you don’t have a knowledge about some topics and you feel that the other person also have no idea, just go on telling anything you know with confidence. But don’t forget to use the keywords I think and Maybe, as it will keep you in the safe side.

Even after reading this, you are insane to get followers, I will suggest you just to install an app and gain followers. I personally haven’t tried it but for sure you will get some ideas in YouTube. If you have read till now, Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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