Why do we have only two nostrils?

Hi! Today I am going to ask you a very interesting question or ask yourself, Why do we have exactly two nostrils?? You’ll think that what type of question is this. But have you ever imagined why in this world God gave us two nostrils, not only us but majority of the organisms in this world. We could have four to five nostrils or only one like our mouth. But Why only two?

You’ll say that for better breathing we need two nostrils. But we could also have one big nostril instead of two. Well let me tell you the answer for this. And I am not taking the oxygen intake through our mouth into consideration and assuming our mouth only for eating and talking.

This two nostrils in our nose indicates that there’s always two ways for one destination, if the object or element, you name it, is very essential for life. Here the destination implies the lungs and heart and the essential element is oxygen. In our real life also we have two ways to one destination, if one’s closed you can take the other way, if you are strongly willing to reach that destination. It’s not that hard to reach your destination as people think, there’s always two ways and sometimes in search of these ways you discover a big way(i.e our mouth). So the thing is make the element to reach the destination, your priority and you’ll easily find a way. Sometimes if you don’t have a destination the ways will direct you towards the destination, for example our windpipe but you need to make that object your priority. ( The scientific reason is below after the next two para).

Even Lord Voldemort had two nostrils.😂

Another perspective is that you always need two plans like our two nostrils to get things(breathing) accomplished. You always need plan A and plan B, if one doesn’t work out the other will, like our two nostrils, incase we can’t breath through one then we can use the other. But if there’s any big hindrance in the way for example cough you will need external help(oxygen cylinder). You know what I mean…

We can also take it as, we only need that amount of air that only two nostrils can inhale because we have only two lungs… And maybe lungs couldn’t bear the intake of oxygen through three or four holes. Same applies with our real life we should earn or get how much we need, sometimes excess can get us in trouble. We can also relate this to our food, we should eat the amount our body needs excess of which can lead to obesity.

The only person I have seen without any nostrils, Davy Jones. Or maybe he have, let me know….

Now enough of these moral lectures, let me tell you the real scientific reason for two nostrils. Each nostril of the human nose is tuned to smell some odors better than others, and the specialization moves back and forth from one nostril to the other. Now it appears that the difference in airflow through the nostrils allows one nostril to better detect the odor of some substances while the other better detects others. I found this research in an article and if you want in depth knowledge let me know in the comments. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some more interesting facts.

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