6 effective principles to make anyone your friend.

Hi! Today I am going to share some principles or you can say tricks to make anyone your friend. I can’t guarantee a lifetime friendship, but yes these principles will surely work. I personally apply these principles. And I have least number of friends but trust me they are devoted. You can also make new friends ,but here I am talking about real friends with flesh and blood not virtual friends who give you a feeling of friendship only when you type texts or upload stories/pictures.

Everybody knows the definition or description of friendship, so I am not going to make this a lame essay on friendship, so let’s start this straight forward… To make new friends..

Principle 1. Make yourself lighter to lift. Be likeable. Practice being the kind of person people like. This wins their support and puts fuel in your friendship building program.

Principle 2. Take the initiative in building friendships. Be the first one to approach. Introduce yourself to others at every opportunity. Make sure you get the other person’s name straight, and make sure he gets your name too. Drop a personal note to your new friends you want to get to know better.

Principle 3. Find the qualities to like and admire in a person, not things to dislike. And don’t let others prejudice your thinking about a third person. Think positive thoughts toward people — and get positive results.

Principle 4. Practice conversation generosity. Be like successful people. Encourage other to talk. Let the other person talk to you about his views, his opinions, his accomplishments.

Principle 5. Practice politeness all the time. It makes other people feel better. It makes you feel better too.

Principle 6. Accept human differences and limitations. Don’t expect anyone to be perfect, Remember, the other person has a right to be different. And don’t be a reformer.

Bonus point. These principles sometimes may not work with a opposite gender,in that case you should take help of social media or some external force like middlemen.

I found these principles in a book of my cousin and I loved these principles so much that I remember them till now and personally applying them. You also try these principles and I assure you that, you can even make the most cruel villain whose trying to erase the universe with one snap, your best friend. Sorry for the hyperbole. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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