How to be an Assamese?

Hi! Today I am going to tell you, how you can also be an Assamese (অসমীয়া). We pronounce it Axomiya, if you have visited Assam you may know little bit about Assamese people, but if you haven’t then these points will help you recognise an Assamese easily.

Assamese culture is boundless and has a vast diversity. So these are few common characteristics you can find in an Assamese.

1. Dearest Bihu

Bihu Dance

Bihu is the festival of Assam. And Assamese people are very fond of this festival, they celebrate Bihu more than any other festival. So if you see a person who gets excited about Bihu, he’s an Assamese. Ask him and he will give you a brief description of Bihu.

2. Gamoosa

Gamoosa(গামোচা) a traditional towel, which is mostly handcrafted and woven in Assam. It is also called Phoolaam Gamoosa, in which Phoolaam means flowers, because of the flowers woven on it. Another name for Gamoosa is Bihuwaan, because it is mostly used in Bihu dance and for gifting. So if you see a person who’s gifting you or using a Gamoosa, he’s an Assamese.

3. Bhaat, the secret of our energy.

Traditional Assamese Thali with rice. Shoel

Rice is called Bhaat(ভাত) in Assamese. Majority of Assamese people’s favorite meal is Bhaat. They prefer Bhaat for meal, more than any other food. And if you see a person having Bhaat as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, he’s an Assamese. Or if you’re inviting any Assamese guest for a lunch or dinner, prepare Bhaat.

4. Die hard Zubeen daa and Bhupen mama fans.

Zubeen Garg and Bhupen Hazarika are the most famous Singers of Assam, everyone from a 5 year old kid to a 80 year old veteran, call them with this name. Majority of the youth is Zubeen daa fan and old fogies are Bhupen mama fans. And if you see a person who’s listening and going mad hearing to this Singers, he’s an Assamese.

5. Knows Lachit Borphukan

A Statue of Lachit Borphukan.

Lachit Borphukan, was a Ahom Military commander who saved Assam and the Assamese culture from the hands of Mughals. Everyone in Assam feel proud while telling his stories and how he defeated Mughals. And if you see a person who becomes enthusiastic while telling about Lachit Borphukan, he’s an Assamese.

6. Moi khati Axomiya, the tag line.

মই খাটি অসমীয়া, This is a tag line assamese people use. Moi kha ti akhomiya, that’s how you pronounce it. Ask an Assamese if he/she’s an Assamese or not… If he answered with this tag line, he’s surely an Assamese.

7. Proud of Assam

Tea Garden of Assam

Every Assamese man will be proud of Assam and and this point is not only applicable to Assamese people, infact everyone is proud of their motherland. Assamese people will be proud of the beauty of Assam, it’s culture, it’s people who are loving in nature and many more which you’ll discover if you visit Assam.

8. Kela, an emotion.

Kela (কেলা) is a word which is commonly used by Assamese people. This word doesn’t have a definite meaning or explanation for using it. People say it as an abusive word, but some people say that this word was used for poor peoples by the Ahom kings. Majority of Assamese people say this word to describe any feeling like anger, shock and many more. And if you see a person who’s using this word, he’s an Assamese but sometimes it’s not necessary.

By following these points you can also be an Assamese… And there are many more which I won’t be able to cover in this blog, it will need a dictionary sized book to mention the reasons to love Assam and Assamese peoples. These are only some shallow points to recognise an Assamese. But trust me there’s more deep characteristics of an Assamese. Let me know If I left some points you know about Assamese in the comments. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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