5 people who can predict your death.

Hi! Today’s blog is going to be on a serious matter. How you can predict your death and who can predict your death… How fine it will be if you can predict your death and escape death. But death is an inevitable truth that no one can escape or no one can control. Yes, sometimes you can increase your longevity by living a healthy lifestyle or quitting smoking etc.

Today I am going to tell you about five people who claim to predict your death. These are purely sarcasm as I personally don’t believe in superstitions, So let’s start,

1. Baba ( Astrologer cum Saint)

Some Babas claim that they can predict your death by looking the wrinkles of your arms. They have this superpower in which they cannot predict their own death but predict others death. Sometimes they have solution to every problem, if you want to gain success, escape death or couldn’t find any bride for you, just visit a Babas consultation firm and you’ll find solution to every problem.

2. Insurance company

Insurance company can easily predict your death, even their policies starts assuming your death in the coming years. If you want to predict when you will die, just consult an insurance policy agent and he will not only provide solutions and policies to your death but also afterdeath solutions for a secure afterlife experience.

3. Mr Owl and Mr Crow.

People say that Crows and Owls can also predict your death. They say if a Crow is cawing or Owl hoots in your backyard this means your death is near. Next time if Mr. Crow calls his girlfriend to sleep or Mr. Owl is searching for his lost specs, you can assume your death is near.

4. Planets

Astrologers(not everyone) predict your death by the positions of the planets. Therefore the Giant planets intentionally move in a direction so that you, a tiny particle of a tiny planet, can die on time without delay. Planets are prescheduled so that they reach their positions in which you die.

5. Private Hospital

Private hospitals can also easily predict your death. They predict your death and put you in the Intensive care unit, even if you are having a mild fever, or sometimes they perform a major surgery for your period cramps. Sometimes if you are lacking Vitamin A, they prescribe you to take a test for every element in the periodic table. This shows they are really serious about your death.

These are some people who are near to God and can actually predict your death. So enough of this sarcasm, on a serious note rather than thinking about your end, you should focus on enjoying your life and live healthy. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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