5 recipes of 3 ingredients.

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great time with your family and Netflix during this lockdown. So why not make this time more enjoyable with some tasty snacks. You must be wondering oh no, not all that cooking. So it’s just fine if you’re not willing to cook yourself, mom is there. But what if mom is busy preparing lunch/dinner and refuses to make your snack.

Don’t worry, I was also too lazy to do this myself, so I ringed my best friend for a solution.. And the best part is He’s a good cook. No no not like what you’re thinking, he didn’t send me any dishes or snacks. Instead he sent some recipes, so simple to prepare, yet so delicious. You can prepare the snacks with just 3 ingredients. Trust me try once and thank me later in the comment section. So let’s start….

1. Oreo Ice Cream

Ingredients– Full Fat cream
Condensed milk
Oreo biscuit

Blend the cream with blender in a bowl of chilling ice water for about 10 minutes till it becomes liquidy in consistency. Then add condensed milk according to taste and a packet of oreo biscuits crushed into small pieces. Mix everything together and keep it in the deep freezer in full power for 2 hours. After 2 hours change the power to “4/5” and mix once again. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 times every hour and you have a tasty delight prepared in your house all by you.

2. Banana Pancake

Ingredients– Banana

Take 1 or 2 banana and smash it. Add 2 eggs in it and some cinnamon powder for flavour. The consistency of the batter should be liquidy and mix it till air incorporates in the batter nicely. Pour the batter with a curry spoon in a hot pan brushed with olive oil or any edible oil. Keep the flame medium high and wait until it turns brown.

3. Banana Punch Soomthie

Ingredients– Banana
Full fat milk

In this recipe, you don’t need to do anything. Put the banana in the mixer grinder. Add a handful of oats and a cup of milk. *Blend…Blend…Blend” you have it ready! Top with a pinch of black salt and you are ready to go.

4. BBQ Chicken Tender

Ingredients– Chicken breast
BBQ sauce
Bread crumbs (flavored with oregano and ginger and garlic powder)

Dip the chicken in the BBQ sauce. Coat it in the flavored bread crumbs and deep fry it in slow flame till it becomes golden brown. Take it out and brush with the same BBQ sauce. Juicy, crunchy BBQ chicken all for you.

5. Fried chicken better than your K company guaranteed.

Ingredients– Chicken
Butter milk
Flour (flavored with chilli powder, black pepper, garlic powder, ginger powder, salt)

Take the butter milk and put the same seasoning in the buttermilk and keep the chicken in it for 2 hours.
Meanwhile, beat 2 eggs and keep the seasoned flour ready in a container. Put the chicken in the egg and transfer it to the container with the seasoned flour. Close the container and dance for 2 mins with the container in your hand. Take the chicken out and deep fry it in refined oil in slow flame. But remember, the oil should not be too hot.

Note: This recipe includes a extra ingredient because this is a recipe with guaranteed taste.

So try these recipes at home and remember me while you’re enjoying the snacks, come back and comment Thank you with a heart. And one more thing, the images used above are not actual images, but if you cook the food properly then the outcome will be like the above images, if not then let your sibling taste it first. Proceed according to his reaction. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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