How NOT to depend on your Luck.

Hi! I hope everyone is fine.. Today I’m going to share a mistake from my life and the steps, how I dealt with it.. The mistake was depending so much on my luck and blaming it, if anything goes wrong. It took me almost a year to realise that luck has a very minimal contribution to the outcomes. There is a short story behind this. So let me tell you the story first…

I am a sportsman and I participate in the national championship every year. In 2013 nationals, I came second in my event for a fraction of second and I was unsatisfied with my performance, so I thought that my luck was not with me or I could have easily begged the gold. I made my target to get the first place next year. So I trained for an another year with the same intensity.

The 2014 nationals came, and I was ready to win. But to my surprise, my performance degraded and I came 4th with the same competitors and with the same training intensity.

Do you know what mistake I made here? I blamed my luck, rather than learning from my mistakes. I trained for the whole year keeping in mind that I was second and only one was above me, and the reason was my luck. I didn’t focus on my weaknesses and train with the same intensity, I didn’t consider the fact that there were 100 more competitors behind who will train insanely hard to reach the top 3. And as a result of which I deteriorated from 2nd place to 4th place.

So now I improved myself and trust me now I never depend or blame my luck. Let me tell you two principles which I followed to improve myself. But I cannot guarantee perfection because I am still not perfect after following the principles. But you can give it a try…

1.Follow Newtons third law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that the amount of effort and hardwork you put, the better results you get. Take a look at what appears to be someone’s “Good Luck”. You’ll find that not luck but preparation, planning, effort and positive thinking preceded his good luck. Now take a look at someone’s “Bad luck”. Look, and you’ll discover that he fails to learn from his loses. Likewise you should consider your failure not as a loss but as an experience.

2. Don’t be a wishful thinker

Don’t waste your time, dreaming of an effortless way to win sucess. Nobody becomes successful simply through luck. Don’t count on luck for the good things in life. Instead just concentrate on developing those qualities in yourself that will make you a winner.

Don’t sit and wait around for God to do something…

Who knows God is probably waiting for us to do something!!!!

Manjhi, The Mountain Man

This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie Manjhi, The Mountain Man. Sometimes luck works, sometimes may not, don’t sit for luck, you make it happen. Thank you so much if you have read till now and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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