Some rare facts & images that are worth seeing.

Hi everyone… I hope everyone is fine and having a great time. Now this lockdown is not affecting us much, because we all have found some way to keep us busy and escape boredom. I was also trying to clean up my room today but couldn’t finish it. Because while cleaning my drawer I found something in the stack of my old school copies which took all my cleaning time. It was a diary in which I collected facts. And you know that facts are something that once you start reading them, you can’t leave, until you put all those in your storage. So there’s a story behind, why I collected facts.

When I was in 6th standard, a legendary guy(one of my classmate) told me that, If I read all the facts that are written behind the Classmate Notebooks, I will be able to clear any exam in the world. And I was naive enough to trust him. Then I started collecting all the facts from wherever I could specially the Classmate Notebooks, So that I could clear the Civil Services exam(UPSC). Until one day, when one of my uncle opened my eyes and I realised that to clear the Civil Services exam, every knowledge is required except those facts from the Classmate Notebooks. That day I really felt like IAS man, no not like what you’re thinking.. For me that IAS stands for I Am Stupid. But everything happens for good. Now I can share those facts with you.. So these are some of the facts and images that are worth reading…..

Okinawa, Japan has more than 450 people living on it above the age of 100 and is referred to as the healthiest place on Earth.
The World’s biggest horse, Brooklyn Supreme, you can call him Brookie.
The world’s longest lasting light bulb has been burning for the past 115 years.
This is the last picture of The Titanic afloat,1912. Look closer, maybe you can see Jack and Rose standing in the famous Romantic pose.
Crystal Clear water, Flathead Lake in Montana. Don’t do the mistake of swimming in it, It’s max depth is 370.7 ft(113m), so it can get you in trouble if you’re a noob swimmer.
This is where The Great Wall of China ends.
The Black Sand Beaches of Iceland. And my personal dream destination.
A Giant rock preforming an unbelievable balancing act on a seemingly, smooth curved mound in the dense forest of Finland is a Mystery because nobody knows how it got there.
The 1500 year old Angel Oak tree in South Carolina.
The Forest lake, Russia. The exact location of this mysterious lake is unknown. How did it come to sit deep inside the forest? No one knows…. Maybe Google or God can only tell you.

So that’s all for today, but there’s more with me. Let me know if you find the facts interesting or boring,and whether you want more of this in the comments. So if have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts.

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