A story to accept the bitter reality of death.

Hi everyone… I hope everyone is fine. In the previous blog, I mentioned that I started to clean my drawer but couldn’t finish it because of A diary in which I have collected facts and I have shared some with you. Ok if haven’t read it yet just visit my site and read it, it was an interesting one.

Today’s blog is also about something which I discovered from that same drawer. It was my 10th standard English literature book. There I found a narration about Gautam Buddha, in which he acquaint us with the bitter reality of death. The name of the narration was ‘The Sermon at Benares’. Don’t worry I won’t narrate the whole story, and some of you may have read it if you have cleared the 10th exams from the Indian CBSE board. I will just give a short summary because I felt that the story was worth sharing with you.. So let’s start..

The Sermon at Benares.

Buddha thinks that he who seeks peace should learn to rise above lamentation, complaint and grief. This is the only way to become composed, and obtain peace of mind. He who has overcome all such circumstances will be free from sorrow and be blessed with calm and peace.

The Sermon narrates the story of a mother named Kisa Gotami. She was grieving over the death of her son. She came to Buddha and made a humble request to him to bring back her son to life, Buddha said that he would do so but he asked for a handful of mustard seeds. He further commanded it must be taken from a house where no one has lost a child, husband, parents or friend.

She went from house to house but was unable to find one where nobody had died. She was tired and hopeless and sat down at the wayside watching the lights of the city as they flickered up. Thus she realised that these lives flicker up for some time and are extinguished again just like the life of a human being.

This way Buddha taught her that the lives of mortals in this world are troubled and brief and there is no means by which one can avoid death. Death is inevitable in the lives of humans and one must understand the terms of our lives.

The message of this famous sermon delivered by Buddha it that to attain peace, man must understand and accept that death is a part of life and man must not grieve over it, life and death are inseparable and man must be rational and accept this universal truth rather than grieve over it. The terms of life given to man should be clearly accepted by man otherwise man will have to pass a phase of undue grieving.

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