Hello everyone….. I hope you all are having a great time. I have recently joined my friend in this site ‘Alphanatical‘. In this blog I’ll try to tell something about a very commonly heard word Pilgrimage or Tirth Yatra. I recently heard this word in a movie of late Irfan Khan Sir’s film (Karwaan). So I wanted to tell something about this. Most of the below facts have either been told to me by grandma or I have read them in some books.

Why do people go on Tirth Yatras(Pilgrimage)?

People everywhere go on tirth yatras(pilgrimage). Perhaps there is a psychological reason for it. In our predominantly agricultural
society, people live in one village all their lives. Tirth yatras
were probably the rishis’ way of encouraging them to expand
their boundaries, their minds. Travelling brings experience
and wisdom. Yatra is a concept in all religions. For instance,
Muslims undertake the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca.

During the ancient times there was a Brahmacharya Yatra in which children leave there homes and go to gurukul to learn from a teacher. It was like todays Boarding schools where they live until their minds are opened to learning. People also take sanyas and go on yatra with the idea of never returning home, leaving the householder’s life behind

What does actually “Tirth” means ?

There are two meanings, the water given to bhakts, devotees, after it has been offered to god at temples, is called tirth. But there is a detailed meaning. To cross a river, one has to take a boat. But sometimes the river is so shallow that one can simply walk across. That is a ford, which is known as tirth. Tirth is crossing from one bank to the other without help. Psychologically, it means achieving a state of formless and nameless. These days tirth is meant a pilgrimage spot where people go and express there devotion to god.

Tirth yatra in the epic “Mahabharata” ?

This fact I recently got to know when I was seeing the Mahabharat series. When the Pandavas were sent for 13 years of exile in the jungle. Krishna suggests them to go on a tirth yatra , not to any specific temple, but to go to the Mountains, Rivers and ponds. It was the first time the mention of a tirth yatra and the Pandavas are probabaly one of the first tirth yatris.

This was all about whatever I knew about Tirth Yatra (Pilgrimage). Thank you for reading this short and simple blog. Stay home, stay safe and do whatever you want my lovely friends.

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