Hi everyone.. I hope everyone is fine and having a great time… Today I have chosen a very sensitive topic Love, usually I just stay away from this type of sensitive topics….. Because everyone’s perspective of love is different. Infact Love is one of the things in this world, that has varied perspective from person to person. And if a person finds a same person with the same perspective, the result is you know, happiness …

Ok, Don’t go by the title, I am not going to share any tricks or tips to get rid of any kind heartbreaks. I will just share some of my views and observation till now about love and how not to fall in love in the wrong way. Again I am telling you that these are only my views and you may have a different view about love, because everyone is different from each other and have the right to be different. I will be glad to know your perspective too about love, just let me know in the comments.

What is love?

According to me Love is one of the most necessary things in life. Here I am not talking about the love between a boy or a girl. But If you observe your surroundings, you will see that the whole world is running on one feeling that is love. Imagine a world without love, a mother not loving his child, a child not loving his parents, neighbors not loving each other. Can you imagine? You can’t right.. Because nothing really exist without love and hence it is a vast term. You, me or no one can give an exact definition of love. So we can also define love as a basic necessity of life.

Love in terms of relationship.

Have you ever thought Why do we need relationships? We need a relationship to make our journey of life more colorful and meaningful right. The need of everyone is to love and to be loved. And when you love someone there’s understanding, you care, you respect,you make them feel important and comfortable,which gives happiness to that person. And as we know Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Thus love make our journey more colorful.

Let’s not dive more deeper into this topic, because love is something on which one can write an epic or a dictionary sized novel. So let’s go directly know about how not to fall in love in the wrong way…

“No love of this world will satisfy us. Because the love of this world has two problems.

1. The love of this world is ridden with expectations and frustrations. People love us for what they expect us to be, not for who we are. They like us and they make relationships based on whether we fulfill their expectations.

2. And if there is a relationship which is selfless and there are no expectations, Time takes one or the other away..

Therefore, in the relationships of this world, sometimes just people disappoint us for who they are and sometimes time disappoint us by taking one away and who will go first we don’t know.. “

Gaur Gopal Das Prabhu

So let’s follow these simple steps to find a healthy relationship and lead a happier life…

1. Don’t expect from any relationship… Try to give more love than you get. Don’t work by the principles of profit and loss of a businessman.

2. Try to love a person for who they are, not for what you want them to be. I am not saying to be rigid, a minimal compromise can work better sometimes more than you think.

3. Don’t get forced by someone to fall in love. Love is an internal feeling and it should come within you,not by someone’s external force.

4. Try to go by the principle that everyone is different. Everyone has the right to be different and they should be respected for who they are.

5. Gain as much trust as possible, there should be something that’s more than understanding. Trust and understanding can even defeat the strongest villain of all time, Thanos.

Bonus Tip : Try to stay away from virtual love as much as possible… Because miracles happen but not everytime.

Oh, these are just the few points everyone knows already, but I have expressed them in the written from. Try not to make love a complicated element. We all should love each other and spread love. Because all you need is love and love is all you need. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts. Till then spread love, spread positivity and enjoy your journey. And remember I love you…….

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I love how you’re growing from what we went through. You growing to be a better person, a better man makes me so happy. Kudos to you to have been able to express yourself so beautifully.I’m proud of you, always was and always will… And nothing can change that. Much love.

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