The Complication of Imitation.

Hi everyone… I hope everyone is fine. Today I am going to share a narration written by Guy de Manpassant from my old 10th standard English supplementary reader. Everyone have read it, but still I felt like sharing this story as it teaches a very necessary life lesson about the problem faced by imitation. And I am sure after reading or recalling this narration you will think twice before imitating others and will never blame your destiny. I hope this blog will bring nostalgia of your highschool, oh sorry that’s hyperbole… Just read and enjoy…

A Necklace.

Matilda was dissatisfied with her life. She was from humble background and married into a reasonable family. Her aspirations and inferiority complex made her unhappy. Matilda being a middle class lady desperately wished if she were wealthy. She was very pretty and charming but had the bad luck to be born into a family of clerks. One day, Mr. Loisel brought an invitation to a fancy ball organized by his boss, the Minister of Education. But she was not delighted to see the invitation. She told her husband that she didn’t have any good dress to wear on that occasion and asked him to give the invitation to any of his friends. Her husband Mr. Loisel told her that she could buy a new dress for her. He was ready to compromise the money he had saved for himself to buy a gun to join some hunting parties.

Matilda brought a new dress but she was still not happy as she has no jewelleries to wear. Her husband asked the reason of her sadness. He suggested her to borrow it from her friend, Mrs Forestier. Next day she went to her friend and borrowed a necklace for the ball. The night of the ball arrived and everyone liked Matilda and she was absolutely thrilled. She and her husband didn’t leave until 4am. Then they caught a cab and returned home.

After she returned home she noticed that the necklace was not around her neck. She was shocked and cried out. Her husband searched for the necklace at every place in the cold weather, where they went last night. He went to the police and the cab offices. He also put an advertisement in the newspaper but the necklace was not found. So he advised her wife to write a letter to her friend telling her that she needed some time to get the necklace repaired.

Atlast Matilda decided to replace it with a necklace that looks similar to it. Her husband gives her 18000 francs which his father had left for him. He takes a loan of the remaining amount and purchased a same diamond necklace for 36000 francs. She returns the necklace to her friend. Buying the necklace bought them in poverty. They lost their house, their maid, their comfortable lifestyle and on top of it all. Matilda loses her pretty and charming face.

After 10 years all debts were finally paid. One day Matilda was walking in the road and saw Mrs Forestier. She was looking charming and beautiful as she looked 10 years before. Now Matilda decided to tell the story to Mrs Forestier about her necklace. At this,Mrs Forestier informed her that it was a fake necklace and the cost of it was not more than 500 francs only.

This narration resembles the below quote…..

“It’s better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection”

Bhagavad gitaa.

Ok that’s all for today and not saying much. If you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts or stories. Till then stay safe, stay happy…

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