Smartphone fails

Hi everyone…..I hope everyone is having a great time in this lockdown. In this lockdown most of us are spending a lot of time with our smartphones, some are binge watching a series or some are doing their work from home. Smartphones cover a lot of our work in our day to day life. It may be online shopping, surfing the web, or studying online. Smartphones is like a small, compact personal assistant, but sometimes smartphone don’t to come up to its mark.

So in this blog I’ll share with you some of the smartphone fails which are in my list. I have not used all the products in this list, but I have seen some of the reviews given by some big names in the Tech-reviewing industry.

Samsung Note 7

Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest companies in the smartphone industry. Samsung’s Note series have considerably done great, but in it’s 7th edition it said that it may blow your mind and it literally did. The Samsung Note 7 had been reported for explosions and fire hazards. The problem was with its tightly packed battery. Due to this the smartphone starts overheating. I have used this phone in a Samsung Store and I liked it’s camera quality and its stylus was epic(Hopefully it didn’t exploded at that time). But who would keep a firecracker in their pocket. This phone was not allowed in planes and also was banned in some countries. It’s sale is now discontinued.

Blackberry Storm

Blackberry was one of the best selling smartphone companies in the history of Smartphones. Like people prefer Apple these days, Blackberry was the boss at that time, but Blackberry Storm was literally a disaster. Blackberry decided to bring up a Touchscreen Phone which was a new concept during that time, but it was a “Press screen” and not a touchscreen. People had to literally press the screen. Due to this it doesn’t inputs multiple touches at the same time, you couldn’t type with both of your hands. Now, Blackberry has stopped making smartphones and the brand is now somewhere present in our memories because its sale is also discontinued.

Iphone 6

Source- Unbox Therapy

How many of you didn’t know that the first folding phone was build by Apple. In 2014 Apple released it’s new Iphone 6, whose specs didn’t say that it could bend. So what happened was that it gets easily bend with hands and also if you accidentally sat on it easily gets bend in the middle. It didn’t bend like the new folding phones, it just gets a little bit of out of shape. I have used the Iphone 6, my Uncle had one and hopefully he didn’t sat on it. The problem was with its casing, due to which many people had faced this problem.

Freedom 251

Freedom 251, most of the people from India know about this phone. So what happened in February 2016, a company named Ringing bells released a smartphone whose price was 251 Rupees or 4 $. Literally, it said that it’s launching a 4 $ smartphone. A headphone even costs more than 4 $. So many people pre-ordered this and at the end of the day what happened was that it was a massive scam. The company took the help of the very trending #Digital India movement of that time and also it made it’s site look like a government based site. When the Government got to know about this they made a clear announcement that they are not selling any 4 $ smartphone. It was obvious because you will not get all the parts in just 4 $

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon literally makes anything which is present in this world. It started with selling books and now it is also making rockets. Many sites are also runs on Amazon servers. In 2014 Amazon launched its Fire phone, but it was a total disaster. Its camera quality was average, processor was also average and it had it’s own OS and App store. What made it more devastating was its price. Yes, with all this specs its price was in the range of an Iphone. From then Amazon didn’t made any sorts of Fire phones because they had to face a loss of 170 million $.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Last year, Samsung came up with their flagship, foldable phone the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It was considered to be a game changer in the smartphone industry, then what was the failure. Its screen had a peelable screen-guard like thing, you may say our phones also comes with a screen-guard and when we remove it the screen looks clean and shiny. Yes, but this was not a screen-guard but it was a part of the foldable screen. Many tech reviewers thought that it was a screen-guard, so they peeled it to get a shiny screen but they find out that they had actually broke their phone’s screen.

Red Hydrogen One

Red Digital Cinema is an American based company which makes mind blowing cinematography cameras and accessories. They thought of making a flagship phone which will have a crazy camera. Then what was its failure, its failure was that its camera sucked. I mean it has a good camera but it was not the best and didn’t compete against the other flagship phone’s camera. Also, its specifications were of one year before and it was not upto its mark. It lacks water-resistance and wireless charging which is a must in flagship phones

So this was my list of some of the smartphone fails. So what we learned that everything or everybody is not perfect in this world. Many companies come and many companies go, only chosen ones remains in the leader board.

Hope you guys liked my first tech blog, I’ll meet you in another interesting blog until then, Stay home, Stay safe and do whatever you want my lovely friends.

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