Words from the Language of 330 Million Gods.

dhyāyato viṣayānpuṃsaḥ saṅagasteṣupajāyate।

saṅagatsaṃjāyate kāmaḥ kāmātkrodho’bhijāyate॥

Bhagavad Gitaa

This is a Mantra or you can say a Sacred Utterance, if chanted 1000 times daily one could get anything he is longing for, like the Jin of Aladin.

Ok wait.. Just kidding, that wasn’t a Mantra, That was a Shloka from the Bhagavad Gita which means “Thinking of objects, attachment to them is formed in a man. From attachment longing, and from longing anger grows”. Now tell me honestly, for a second you must be wondering “Oh my God what I have found today”. Ok I apologize for the jest and for the title too, because 330 Million Gods isn’t a joke right, but in Hindu beliefs there really exists 330 Million Gods. And the sacred scriptures are written in Sanskrit. So I assume that the language of Indian gods must be Sanskrit.

Now the best part is, there are some regular English words which are derived from Sanskrit, and in conclusion you are indirectly using the language that is spoken by the Gods. Wow!!! Ok Don’t feel yourself as a God now.

Ok sorry, I forgot the regular intro. Hi everyone… I hope everyone is fine and having a great time.So let’s start without much more chaff….


Original Sanskrit word Matr which means Mother, derived via Latin word Mater.


Original Sanskrit word Pithr which means Father, derived via Latin word Pater.


Original Sanskrit word Bhrathr which means Brother, derived via Greek word Phrater.


Original Sanskrit word Ambarella which means a kind of tree, derived via Sinhala æmbarællā.


Original Sanskrit word Chitra-s, which means uniquely marked.


Original Sanskrit word Karman, which means action.


Original Sanskrit word Yoga-s, which means yoke or union, derived via Hindi Yoga.


Original Sanskrit word Ma, which means me/my, derived via Latin word Me.


Original Sanskrit word Patha, which means path, derived via Greek word Pathes.


Original Sanskrit word Madhyam, which means medium, derived via Latin word Medium.


Original Sanskrit word Jangala, which means an uncultivated piece of land or an arid.


Original Sanskrit word Sama, which means equal or identical.

Opal (probably)

Original Sanskrit word Upal, which means a precious stone.


Original Sanskrit word Pipali, which means pepper, derived via Greek word Piperi.


Original Sanskrit word Mithya, which means a lie.

That’s all for today, as there maybe thousands or words in English which may have originated from Sanskrit and still undiscovered. These are just some normally used English words that everyone uses regularly.

Now, In conclusion everyone in this world is our brother or sister from different mother as the root of our mother tongue is probably the same, so let’s spread peace and harmony. And Now you know that you regularly speak some words that Gods themselves use so let me know in the comments how you felt. And if you have read till now Thank you so much and see you in the next blog with some interesting facts. Till then spread love and stay safe.

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