The Chemistry between Attitude & Behavior

Hi everyone……I hope everyone is doing great in this lockdown. So many people in our day to day life judge other people on the basis of their behavior towards someone or something. They think that the person will have the same behavior towards you and others, actually it is not the same in every case. The person may behave differently with different people. It is very common in India that people think the person may behave uniformly with everyone which is not the truth. Here comes another term called “Attitude“, which defines all this negotiations. So in this blog I’ll tell something about “Attitude and behavior”

What is Attitude and Behavior?

Attitude is a way of feeling or acting towards a person, thing or situation. It influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards. It’s like if someone feels disgusted when someone does tattoos and piercing, then its his/her attitude towards tattoo. But then the same person may like hanging around with people who drink/smoke. So you may now feel the change between the person’s feelings towards a person having tattoo and a person who is drunk.

Behavior is how a person reacts to a particular person, action or environment. It is how the person conducts towards someone or something. I think behavior is defined to everyone. Rude and kind are some examples of behavior.

Difference between Attitude and behavior

  • Attitude is how a person feels or thinks about a particular person whereas behavior is how a person conducts towards an action, environment or person
  • The way of feeling or thinking is reflected by person’s attitude. On the contrary, a person’s conduct is reflected by behavior.
  • Attitude is defined by the way we perceive things whereas behavior is ruled by special norms

Influence of attitude on behavior

Attitudes can positively or negatively affect a person’s behavior, regardless of whether the individual is aware of its effect.

  • Positive attitude can positively influence around them – improve the mood of those around them
  • Negative attitude may likewise affect those around them and behave in a manner that reduces efficiency and effectiveness

Example : You may not like one of your colleagues but never treat them unfairly or unpleasantly during work. But you may not invite them to your late night parties.

What else influences behavior?

Behavior is influenced by many factors, but in this blog I’ll cover the three main factors which mostly influences the behavior.

  • Strong and specific attitudes are one of the main factors which influences their behavior. Sometimes, a person having a very strong attitude may influence the other person’s behavior. There are many well known people having strong attitude, a.k.a. Influencers.
  • Subject norms and social pressure are also one of the factors which influences are behaviors. Many people behave differently with the people who are elder than them and differently with people who are younger than them. Individuals behave in a certain manner determined by the perceived social pressure.
  • We also have to understand how much control a person perceives to have over their behavior because that’s going to influence their intention to engage in a specific behavior

So in general these three factors combine to influence our behaviors, but there are also other factors that are influencing are behavior

Stronger attitudes

  • Stronger attitudes tend to affect our self-interest. For most of us there is nothing more important than our self-concepts. So its very surprising that attitudes tend to affect our self-interests.
  • There is one thing common in stronger attitudes that they are related to some philosophical, political or religious values. In other words stronger attitudes tend to be deeply morally grounded. I’m sure many of you must have discovered this in your own life. If you have talked with people about any of theses topics then you’ll realize that their attitudes are very strongly held.
  • Stronger attitudes are tend to be the attitudes that our family or friends are most concerned about. So it is a very clear social element that if we are a part of a group then we share a common attitude.

So I hope many of you have come out of this confusion. Actually this confusion should be cleared in childhood, but at that time we are very young to understand this.

At the end, I hope you liked this simple blog. So stay safe. stay home and do whatever you want my lovely friends.

4 replies on “The Chemistry between Attitude & Behavior”

Clear and concise. I think the world would benefit if we realize the difference and that no matter what our attitude is we can, if we step away from conditioning, choose our responding behavior. One’s internal, the other is often shared. Thanks for this. I’m looking forward to reading more.


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